You are born. You do not receive drugs or vaccinations. During your developing years you get the
usual childhood illnesses, but mostly conservative treatment gets you through them, as a result you
build your natural immune defense. You do not consume white sugar, white flour, hydrogenated oils,
soft drinks, pasteurized milk, too much meat or cheese. You have a clean natural diet, concentrating on
whole grains, fruits, vegetables. Your diet is rich in   antioxidants, enzymes and minerals.

As an adult you do not get sick, no diabetes, no ADD, no thyroid malfunctions, no digestive problems, no
high blood pressure, no arthritis, no cancers, no Alzheimer’s and no autoimmune disorders. You keep
active to maintain mobility and fitness, and you care of your spine. You spend your entire adult life in
optimal health. After 100 years, you flicker like a candle and go out.
This above paragraph is your model of health, and it should be your guide when choosing a doctor.
Some doctors will say that this is not possible, which for them is true. So, don’t choose them. All of the
above is possible; moreover, thousands of people are living it. So, only listen to those who can help you
achieve these conditions of health. We live in an era where good health is the very determinant of
survival and it is directly in your hands. It is up to you to seek out the knowledge and to use it.
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